Blood Counts

This is where we keep track of Luke’s blood counts, during and after the transplant. There are many blood chemistry results the doctors are monitoring, but the main 4 blood cells we are tracking are:

  • White Blood Cells (WBC) – Total number of white blood cells. Normal Range 3.9-10.2
  • Neutrophils – White Blood cells for fighting infection.  Normal range 1.7-5.0.  This will drop to zero and will need to be above 0.5 before Luke can go home.
  • Hemoglobin – For carrying oxygen.  If this gets too low, Luke will need a blood transfusion. Normal Range 118-146
  • Platelets – For stopping bleeding.  When this gets too low, Luke will need a platelet transfusion. Normal Range 180-440
  • Alpha-Mannosidase – This is the enzyme that Luke is missing, and is tested less frequently.  The level before the transplant is close to zero, but goes up to over 400 after the transplant.  Normal Range 250-625


9 Responses to Blood Counts

  1. Belinda says:

    Good idea to have a separate page – will keep checking!! 🙂

  2. Aunty Jan says:

    You guys are amazing…
    This site is a textbook on both on how to inform and educate all who are following Luke’s progress with great interest. Bravo! 🙂

  3. Susan says:

    you can be assured by the fact that the platelets have maintained their level and not dropped significantly like they have in the past. Kevin, this is an excellent web site- I really appreciate how inclusive it is .

  4. Fernando and Luciana Lopes says:

    We are happy to see Luke’s improvement. We are praying for you all.
    Luke, you’re doing a great job! Superman will be proud of you ! 🙂
    Fernando and Luciana

  5. Dag Malm says:


    Greetings from Norway…..
    Reading Luke’s story,I get a lot of flashbacks from the BMT of Emilie in 1997.
    It is of course a bumpy ride, but so far Luke has been lucky and avoided the serious stuff! The GVHR is a good thing for the engraftment. Keep up the good work !


  6. The Strack's says:

    Wow Luke you are racing ahead of Mr. Strack. Good going!!!! This is a great site and helped us understand better just what all this means when we get the results….
    So happy for you Luke….you tell Grandma what you would like us to bring you when you are allowed visitors…..How exciting for you and your family to all be back home!
    You look great….Love your smile…..

  7. Dr. Jeff and Minette says:

    Luke’s latest chimerism studies (day +88) still show 100% donor engraftment.
    Hoorah for Luke!!!!!!!!!
    Have a merry christmas…….
    see you in the new year…..

  8. Dr. Jeff and Minette says:

    A-Mannosidase Activity from 14 Dec 2010 finally came back, a little lower than last time as expected, but still very respectable (I think):
    241.7 nmol/hr/mg prot

    Still higher than donor Andrew’s numbers – see you Friday.

  9. Dag Malm says:


    How are Things going now?

    Dag (Malm)

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