Here are some pictures of Luke, Andrew our friends and Family.

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6 Responses to Pictures

  1. We are praying for Luke in Sarh, Chad.
    We are Belindas YWAM buddies.

  2. Michelle Jones says:

    I just found out about his website from a post from Uncle Bevin on facebook. Kelly and I send our prayers and let us know if there is anything that we can do! hugs

  3. The Strack's says:

    We are so pleased you are home with your family. We are looking forward to seeing you running into Grandma’s house as soon as you are able. Keep up the good work Luke we are all rooting for your speedy recovery.

  4. Ethnee and Derek Iles says:

    We have tears in our eyes for your beautiful little boy. And for Robin, Kevin and brother Andrew – and all his grandparents. We are thinking of you all and praying specially for little Luke. God is very close to you – lean on Him as never before.

    (Storms River Village)

  5. Dee Wilson says:

    I ran across your website by accident when looking for additional info on AMS for my brother’s son in Edmonton, Alberta. Willie is now 23 years old. He is hearing-impaired, cognitively delayed and has most of the other physical abnormalities associated with this disorder. He is ambulatory and the progression of his condition seems relatively slow. In spite of his AMS, he participates in a recreation program, has a “girlfriend” and he is delightful and very happy. It is difficult to assess the degree to which he has pain or discomfort and we would love to hear about new information about treatments to slow the progression or to minimize any symptoms.

  6. The Strack's says:

    Hey Luke. Grandma says you are on the mend and doing quite well. This is great news. Looking forward to seeing you during the summer. Say hi to your Mom and Dad and take good care of yourself. Have lots of fun and laugh a lot……and look forward to the sunshine in the upcoming months…..Hurray….winter over….flowers blooming …..I can garden again. Bye for now young man.

    Grandma’s neighbors….

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